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Honey’s Toy

美國Blush Artisan 6 吋彎曲 P 點/G 點假陽具,帶吸盤底座

美國Blush Artisan 6 吋彎曲 P 點/G 點假陽具,帶吸盤底座

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6 英吋長(5.25 英吋可插入)x 1.4 英吋寬 現代、時尚、美麗

非常適合 G Spot 和 P Spot 播放 吸盤底座,相容線束 純鉑金固化 Purio 矽膠。

超絲光滑 產品描述 現代、時尚、美麗-Avant。 享受這些獨特的手工玩具,


Avant D14 提供了一個寬大的彎曲軸,用於刺激您的 G 點或前列腺和您的入口。

Ultrasilk 光滑,以 Purio 鉑固化矽膠製成。 它們無孔且易於清潔。


顏色: 藍色


長度(英吋):可插入 5.25 


6 Inch Length (5.25 Inch Insertable) x 1.4 Inch Width
Modern, Stylish, and Beautiful
Perfect for G Spot and P Spot Play
Suction Cup Base, Harness Compatible
Pure Platinum Cured Purio Silicone. Ultrasilk Smooth

Product Description

Modern, stylish, and beautiful—meet Avant. Enjoy these unique artisanal toys knowing their natural, hand-sculpted forms were crafted with your pleasure in mind.
Avant D14 delivers a generously curved shaft for stimulating your G-spot or prostate and your entrance. Ultrasilk smooth and made with Purio platinum-cured silicone.
They are non-porous and easy to clean. Our goal is to create toys that are as beautiful as your desires.
Color: Blue

Material: Silicone

Length (Inches): insertable 5.25

Circumference (Inches): 4.4
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