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Honey’s Toy

OTAKU Lust & Estrous Nurse Meiki動漫名器

OTAKU Lust & Estrous Nurse Meiki動漫名器

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Enjoy some sexual healing. This naughty nurse is going to make sure you take your medicine, no matter what. This inevitably leads to her stripping in an attempt to convince you to take your pills, and things escalate from there.

The OTAKU - Lust & Estrous Nurse Meiki features a middle size body and a realistic insert area! The springy and textured tunnel is a snug fit that glides you at a slanted angle over several bumps before curving right at the end for an extra boost of stimulation.

• Materials: TPE

• Double layers

• Item weight: 300g

• Insertable Length: 11cm

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