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Duo Together雙人按摩棒

Duo Together雙人按摩棒

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Duo Together is made of silky soft, body-safe silicone, and is malleable, so you can bend it to fit the unique anatomies of you and your partner coming together. You'll enjoy targeted stimulation from both ends of the shaft and 9 vibration modes and 9 thrusting modes that move in time with the rhythm of you and your partner. Made of silky soft, body-safe silicone, this versatile toy has a malleable shaft that moves with both partners as its extended length provides the perfect reach and also allows for maintaining eye contact during intercourse, thus encouraging intimacy while maximizing pleasure.

• Designed for dual penetration partner play
• 9 thrusting speeds and patterns to choose from
• 9 vibration speeds and patterns to choose from
• Firm yet flexible shaft provides maximum reach and comfortable fit
• Dual-ended dildo for intense partner or solo play
• Made of waterproof, body-safe silicone
• Silky-soft texture for realistic, sensual feel
• Dual-ended dildo measures 18 inches in length to provide the ultimate reach during partner play or solo satisfaction.

• Featuring a flexible yet firm elongated shaft, this dual-ended dildo bends to provide targeted stimulation for two.
• Flexible yet firm, this massager offers nine levels of thrusting motion, from a gentle rock to an intense thrust, as well as nine modes of vibration.
• Sleek, powerful and sexy, Barnett is a dual-ended massager that will send both users over the edge with its flexible shaft that offers targeted stimulation.
• Offering dual-action pleasure during partner play, Barnett flexes to hit the right spot with powerful thrusting motions and vibration speeds that can be controlled individually or together.
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